It’s Just a Choice

I was in the grocery store before work, picking up a few completely unnecessary things for a Friday at an elementary school (Di might call these “office staples”) like donuts and bagels and bridge mix, etc. (cough), when to my horror, I almost came face to face with my doctor at the self-checkout! Face to 30-pounds-fatter-but-supposedly-on Medifast face! There he was, in his scrubs, scanning fruit! FRUIT! Who does that? And what’s he doing in my Albertsons?

There was no way on earth I was going to let him see me with my arms laden with office supplies. no. possible. way.  So I did the only thing I could think of.  I panicked.  I covered my face with the bagel bag and stealthily slid past him down the chip aisle (and added a bag of Cheetos to my stash), then dashed through the deli section and up the cereal aisle where I could get a good view of the checkout lines.  He was still scanning fruit. (How long does it take?) He finally left and I made it to work 5 minutes late, but with my goods in tow.

(Seriously.  What did you expect? That I’d quickly dump it all in the closest pasta bin and stand in line behind him with a bottle of mineral water like that had been my plan all along? Although I did consider that for a nanosecond, there was the whole 30 pound thing. And the donuts.) So now what?  Do I change grocery stores on the off chance it might happen again?

And was I really hiding from my doctor, or hiding from myself?

Eventually I had to face the inevitable and visit Dr. R. He said something that really made sense to me, and could apply to any decision really. In the case of my weight, I need to lose it.  And before me I have paths or choices on how I’m going to do it.  I can get the lap band thing, or I can do it myself through diet and exercise. I have no desire whatsoever to get the lap band.  I know I can do it myself. I’ve done it before.  But when I told Dr. R. this, he said that by not following my chosen path of doing it myself and actually gaining some of it back, then the choice that I’ve truly made for myself is not to lose weight at all. He’s right. I’ve chosen not to lose weight. And to put it bluntly, that’s really stupid.

I’m tired of wasting so much energy and emotion and time thinking about being thin.  It’s time to make it happen. I’m choosing to lose weight.

Challenge: What about you? Which path will you choose? Make the decision and get started.

I made these little reminder cards that you’re welcome to print off if you think it might help keep you on track. (I suggest using card stock. This will print off in the size of a business card). I have one in my wallet and one on my fridge.

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I'm a Professional dieter. Losing and gaining weight has been a life-long career. I've lost and gained a gazillion pounds, and can eat 6 saltine crackers in under a minute without drinking water. I was also an elementary school librarian for 16 years. I was sneezed on 6,720 times, had 3,460 colds, convinced 2,132 kids to read Harry Potter, wrote one children's book about birds, and fit 32 kindergarteners in a tent.

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