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Two and a half months ago, I knew I was going to New York in June, and I decided I could still lose 10 lbs. I now have 3 weeks and I’ve yet to begin my diet. That’s not the worst of it. Friday, I went to my childhood friend’s daughter’s wedding. The mother of the groom was sitting with the grandmother of the groom and my girlfriend’s mother wasn’t able to be there, so she waved for me to sit next to her. The elderly officiator walked in and welcomed my girlfriend and me and was speaking of our lovely daughter and granddaughter. I started to correct him and tell him I’m a family friend, when it dawned on me, “He really thinks I’m the grandmother of the bride!!” Then, he announced to the invitees, TWICE, how wonderful it was to have the mothers and grandmothers in attendance. I don’t know what he said in the first 10 minutes of the ceremony, because, in my mind, I was doing the math trying to figure out how old he must have thought I was. I was horrified that it added up to over 70 years old. I tried to put this into perspective and say, he’s quite old and maybe doesn’t see so well. I’m hoping his perspective, at least, is that I was ‘hot’ for a 70-something.

It’s Sunday and today, we were at my husband’s brother’s house for a barbeque and my sister in law had one of her friends in attendance. The friend asked me if I was my brother in law’s mother. He’s 50 years old and has gray hair, for heaven’s sake! Again I did the math, this time figuring, if I’d have been a teenager, when I gave birth to my brother in law, I would still be in my late 60’s. I’m 56 years old, apparently going on 75. This was 2 times in 48 hours! I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or run out and buy eye cream. Tomorrow, I’m going to walk into the office and everyone is going to ask me how my weekend was and I’m not answering.

I’m put these incidents into perspective. I’m not sure what that perspective means this time, but isn’t that what we always say when something happens that we really didn’t want to have happen?

Suzie did a post on her neck and I’ve been noticing my crepey neck ever since. My teen heart throb, David Cassidy, has dementia and frankly, I’m noticing signs myself. This getting older is hard stuff!

I think the 3 or 5 lbs. I could still lose before my New York trip, pales in comparison to the facelift I must really need.

I think we need to ignore the thoughtless comments of others and just keep doing our best. Tomorrow is Monday and it’s a perfect day to start my diet. Now that’s perspective.

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I have been on more diets than anyone I know. I start every Monday, except for the time I told Suzie, the reason we couldn’t lose weight is because Mondays were too obvious and we should start our diets on Thursdays. I lost 2 lbs. the first Thursday I tried it, so it will work.

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